Basic Requirements

Student Creed: All Three Parts

Kata Requirements

6TH Kyu Blue
Heian Shodan

5th Kyu Blue/Black Belt
Heian Nidan


  • Cat Stance
  • Relaxed Stance
  • Inside Crescent Kick
  • Outside Crescent Kick
  • Spinning Back Kick
  • Hook Punch
  • Upper Cut
  • Ridgehand
  • Mountain Block
  • Reinforced Block
  • Front Thrust Kick/Roundhouse Kick
  • Low Roundhouse Kick/High Roundhouse Kick


Soke– Grandmaster/Founder
Hidari– Left
Migi– Right
Matay– Turn
Kime– Focus
Maii– Combative Distance
Yoi– Command To Go To Ready Position
Nukite– Spearhand
Haito– Ridgehand
Uchi– Strike
Zuki– Punch
Yama Uke– Mountain Block
Dan– Degree
Mikazuki Geri– Crescent Kick
Mikazuki Uchi Geri– Inside Crescent Kick
Mikazuki Soto Geri– Outside Crescent Kick
Ushiro Agari Geri– Spinning Back Kick
Kekomi– Thrusting
Ushiro Ukemi– Back Break Fall
Dori– Grab
Tori– Attacker
Uke– Defender/Block
Heian– Clam State Of Mind
Bushi– Warrior
Bushi Dimashi– Warrior Spirit
Morotei Uke– Reinforced Block
Neko Ashi Dachi– Cat Stance


  • Guard Position
  • Scarf Hold
  • Scissor Sweep

**Students must attend classes regularly to qualify for testing and must display a positive attitude to be considered for promotion.  Students are responsible for knowing and demonstrating current and previous belt rank requirements.  Consideration will be given as to the age of the student when being tested.