Basic Requirements

  • Minimum 4 month wait
  • All requirements for white, yellow, and blue belts
  • Increased sparring experience
  • Basic knowledge of karate history

Kata Requirements

Heian Yodan

Heian Godan

Tekki Sho


  • Closed Stance
  • Cat Stance
  • Crescent Kick
  • Skipping Side Kick
  • Spinning Back kick
  • Head Level Kick
  • Spear Hand Strike
  • Elbow Strike
  • Ridge Hand Strike
  • Hammer Fist Strike
  • Knee Strike
  • Knife Hand Block
  • Low Block/ Knife Hand Block
  • Roundhouse Kick/ Back Kick


Heioshi – Timing
Kokomi – Thrust
Rye – System
Dan – Degree
Dojo – Karate School
Kokutsu Dachi – Back Stance
Zanshin – Moment of silence before or after a perfectly executed technique.
Budo – Japanese Martial Arts
Nekoashi Dachi – Cat Stance
Shotokan – The Martial Arts system, founded in 1936 by Gichin Funakoshi, “Shoto” was his pen name and means “waving pines”.
Kawashi – Dodging, Evading
Kime – Focus
Berai – Perry
Waza – Conditioned Response
Maai – Combative Distance
Tobi Keri – Flying Kick
Heisoku Dachi – Feet Together Stance
Sanshin Dachi – Closed Stance
Keagi – Snap
Heiho – Strategy
Zuki – Punch
Uke – Block
Mikazuki Geri – Crescent Kick

Judo / Jujitsu / Aikido

  • Inside reaping throw
  • Single leg take down
  • Mounted positions (hold)
  • Naked choke

*Students must attend their normal classes each week. Failure to attend class will result in the student being held off the testing list. The final decision is up to the instructor whether the student will test. Each student must display a positive attitude in order to test.