Kata Requirements

4TH Kyu Green Belt
Heian Sandan

3RD Kyu Green/Black Belt
Heian Yodan


  • Hook Kick
  • Axe Kick
  • Overfist
  • Knifehand Strike


Hook Kick/Roundhouse Kick
Roundhouse Kick/Spinning Back Kick
Front Roundhouse Kick/Backfist
Backfist/Skipping Side Kick
Front Punch/Front Snap Kick
Backfist/Spinning Backfist


Karateka– Practitioner Of Karate
Sempai– Senior Instructor/Student
Yasume– Relax
Dan– Black Belt Degree
Bushido– Way Of The Warrior/Code Of Conduct
Kawashi– Dodging/Evading
Waza– Conditioned Response/Technique
Ryu– School
Do– Way/Spiritual Path
Heiho– Strategy
Makiwara– Striking Post
Hara– Center
Heioshi– Timing
Hai– Yes
Zanshin– Moment Of Silence Before Or After A Perfectly Executed Technique
Shotokan– House Of Waving Pines/Karate Style Founded By Gichin Funakoshi In 1936
Kami Bushi Do– Divine Warrior Way
Eieh– No
Ki– Inner Power/Strength
Kata– Form
Oss– Yes/Hello/I Understand
Heisoku Dachi– Feet Together Stance
Fumikomi Geri– Stomping Kick
Kake Geri– Hook Kick
Keage Geri– Snapping Kick
Kake Zuki– Hook Punch
Age Zuki– Uppercut
Yama Uke– Mountain Block
Juji Uke– X Block
Mushin– No Thought/No Ego
Yojimbo– Bodyguard


Body Drop Throw
Outer Reaping Throw
Rear Naked Choke
Straight Arm Bar

**Students must attend classes regularly to qualify for testing and must display a positive attitude to be considered for promotion.  Students are responsible for knowing and demonstrating current and previous belt rank requirements.  Consideration will be given as to the age of the student when being tested.