Kata Requirements

2nd Kyu Brown Belt
Heian Godan

1st Kyu Brown/Black Belt
Tekki Shodan


Front Thrust Kick/Skipping Side Kick/Spinning Back Kick
Low Roundhouse/Middle Roundhouse/High Roundhouse Kick
Outside Crescent Kick/Spinning Crescent Kick


Bushi– Warrior
Zen– Path Of Enlightenment
Ki– Internal Force
Manji Uke– Whirlwind Block
Otoshi Geri– Axe Kick
Judo– Soft Way
Aikido– Way Of Grace And Harmony
Kuzushi– Off Balancing An Opponent
Haragi– Intuitive Thought
Mezu No Kokoro– Mind Like The Millpond
Zuki No Kokoro–  Mind Like The Moon
Ronin– Wave Man/Disgraced And Dishonored Samurai Without Work
Hakama– Pants Worn In Aikido And Kendo To Hide Foot Movement
San Yama Bujutsu Renmei– Three Mountain Martial Arts Federation
San Kai Kawari– Mountain Sea Change/Attacking At Different Levels
Naha, Shuri, Tamari– Three Cities In Okinawa Where –Te Originated
Myamoto Musashi– Famous Samurai Who Wrote The Book Of Five Rings/Perfected Fighting With Two Swords And Is Known As Kensai- Sword Saint
Funakoshi Instructors– Azato/Itosu/Matsamura
Funakoshi Students– Nishiyama/Nakayama/Egami/Mas Oyama
Kawari– Changing Tactics Or Positions
Aiki– Indomitable Spirit
Tekki– Iron Horse Riding
Shinai– Bamboo Sword Used In Kendo
Embusen– Floor Pattern Of Kata/Start & End Points
Bunkai– Study Of Kata Application And Techniques
Kendo– Way Of The Sword
Nunashin– Mendable Mind
Fudoshin– Immovable Mind


Valley Drop Throw
Cross Arm Bar
Wrist Lock

**Students must attend classes regularly to qualify for testing and must display a positive attitude to be considered for promotion.  Students are responsible for knowing and demonstrating current and previous belt rank requirements.  Consideration will be given as to the age of the student when being tested.