Harris Holt Martial Arts prides itself on our family environment but don’t take our word for it. Read what our students and families have to say about us.

“Harris Holt Martial Arts is fantastic on so many levels! After playing 16 years in Major League Baseball and retiring just a few years ago, I was looking for something to keep me active and fit. I wanted something that would challenge me and that I would enjoy. After my first class here at HHMA, I was hooked. The instructors are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They really push you while you are there and the work out is intense. The environment is welcoming to all types of fitness levels, from beginner to advance. The classes really made me see, I should have started this years ago. As I am writing this, I am looking forward to my next class later today. That is the great thing about Harris Holt is that it keeps you wanting to come back for more.’‘Because of my positive experience with Harris Holt Martial Arts, I quickly enrolled my ten year old into classes here as well. He loves it! As a parent, we want our kids to be active and participate in activities that push them to work hard. His classes do this and as an added benefit he has learned so much about discipline, respect, focus, and the list goes on and on. He has enjoyed every instructor he has had and I really like that I can watch as his class meets, to not only see how he is doing, but also learn along with him simply by watching. There is no doubt in just a short time going here that the years we will spend with Harris Holt will be many.’

‘Bottom line is this, if you want a great environment to learn martial arts, have fun, and really push yourself with great instructors guiding you along the way, then this is the place for you!”
Dewayne Wise

“HHMA has 2 outstanding instructors that provide a goal oriented but individually paced curriculum. Their enthusiasm and commitment provides an atmosphere of fun, discipline, and learning. At HHMA, my kids and I feel like part of an extended family.”Michelle M.

“Harris and Holt martial arts was a special place for our son during husband’s deployment.Would recommend to send your children here to take Karate. Next ya’ll need to open a dojo in florida:) “Lisa T.

“Great article! Thanks for following your dreams and we are proud and happy to be a part of your dojo! You both are awesome instructors!”Janet W.

“Very happy about the choice to go with Harris Holt Martial Arts great at giving direction and Im hoping to have my black belt soon!! Yeeahaww! See ya Monday!”April M.

“Thank you for an awesome birthday party! Skyler and all the kids had a blast! You guys are great=) “Tiffanney S.

“Thanks for all the time you’ve invested in Jacob and for helping him reach one of his many goals. We appreciate what you do!!!”Parri K.

“We like most about HHMA the flexible schedule. We enjoy coming to HHMA while my child is in class the parent area is comfortable & clean. The staff at HHMA is awesome and friendly and is always ready to answer my questions. Martial Arts has helped my child’s self discipline & respect.”Nieca H.

“We like most about HHMA the teachers/staff are welcoming, helpful & knowledgeable. Martial Arts has helped increase child’s self confidence, given him discipline & motivates him to succeed. Always a pleasant experience – staff is warm & welcoming. Patient with my child and consistent in instruction throughout all instructors. Corrections are made in a positive, empowering way. This dojo increases each child’s strengths, builds from weaknesses and encourages growth in self confidence. Extremely pleased!”Melanie W.

“What We like most about HHMA is the discipline & encouragement given to my daughters. Martial Arts has helped my child with discipline, better grades, held accountable to come & learn, encouraged to advance. The staff is amazing! Very helpful and accommodating. Give one on one learning if needed.”Tanya R.

“We like most about HHMA that our son loves your school! Something that was meant to be a ‘filler’ sport between regular seasonal sports has become one of his favorite things to do weekly. He loves the challenge of always learning something new and we love the instructors and the patience they’ve had with him, especially Sensei Taylor! With Taylor’s instruction and Gunnar’s hard work, he has proved successful in almost every tournament he’s been in. HHMA has given our son something to be enthusiastic and motivated toward. He has learned to focus his abundance of energy toward something fun and useful. We are very happy with our decision to enroll Gunnar at HHMA and are very pleased with his progression and eagerness to purse martial arts. Our family has enjoyed the HHMA family to include the many friends we have made as well as competing in tournaments. It’s nice to be a part of the best karate school in Clarksville! We would recommend HHMA to anyone looking to join the martial arts experience!”Lisa G.

“I like all the varieties of classes offered. Martial Arts has helped him be more active and more confident. Very friendly and helpful staff. They care about the students and helping them become more confident.”Hailey K.

“Harris Holt Martial Arts feels like a family. I know that both of our children are cared about and that the instruction is specific for their individual needs. The classes are fun and the kids are excited about coming to class! Thank you HHMA!”Nicky S.

“What I like most about the MMA Program is the training. MMA has helped me prepare for my MMA fights. I love it! It’s made me a better martial artist.”Kyle T.

“I like most about the MMA program the intensity of the workouts and the complete package of stand up, grappling, self defense, and fitness. MMA has helped me to be more rounded as a Martial Artist! Learning more than I can absorb! Most diverse training available in Middle Tennessee.”George B.

“What I like most about the MMA Program is the various trainings, and its always something different, never the same. MMA has helped me with weight loss, more energy, feel better. My whole family comes here and would recommend HHMA to anyone.”Bryan R.

“What I like most about HHMA is the staff is friendly & knowledgeable. Martial Arts has helped my child by he has brought up his grades in school. His self confidence is building & he is stepping up into leadership roles. We enjoy coming. The staff is extremely friends and professional. We are extremely pleased with our experience.”Albert C.

“We like most about HHMA instructors: we love Ralph & Blake. We like how they teach the children. Very patient and understanding yet firm and hands on. Martial Arts has helped our children, Jeff is very confident and has learned to be more self disciplined. Jesse is still learning but I love that he loves karate school. All I can say is that being in the military we move a lot but knowing that my kids love their karate instructors as much as they do makes me second guess our decision to move. I’m concerned that if we move I won’t find a karate school as good as this one.”Lisa & Rodney O.

“We like most about HHMA everything – the patience of all the instructors is unbelievable. Martial Arts has helped my child become very aware of discipline at home due to their teaching and respect. Our child has had a great experience here. All the classes are very instructive and the dedication of the instructors goes beyond our expectations. We love it here.”Mary R.

“What I like most about HHMA is personal attention to each student meeting them at their level, no matter their age. Preschool to adult they enjoy the instructors. Martial Arts has helped my child with self esteem, has improved with each belt earned. Self care. Pride. Harris & Holt are masters at their craft.”Shirley

“I like most about HHMA that my daughter age 5 likes it, which is most important to me! The waiting room with closed circuit viewing is also nice when my toddler is with us. Martial Arts has helped my child after 4 years as an only child, baby sister’s arrival triggered anxiety and introversion. I saw her old, bubbly self begin to return after only 5 classes. One of the other moms at the school noticed how much she’s changed in just a few months. I did everything I knew how to resurrect my child’s happy personality, with limited results. Martial Arts was my last hope before resorting to a psychology. The results from martial arts were amazing, and professional help was not necessary. I’m so glad I found Harris-Holt.”Hope B.

“The instructors are excellent with kids. They make the classes fun and the students don’t think of it as work so much as fun. Martial Arts has helped my child: he has more confidence and self esteem. He is a better student in school because of the discipline he gets from HHMA. HHMA works with the parents to help their children become better students in their elementary school. Any advancements that the kids make in rank is earned. It is not given to them.”Kyle B.

“We like most about the school the way the staff is with the kids. They are patient and caring. Martial Arts has helped both of my kids have confidence and have made friends. They look forward to being here.”Knosp

“We like everything about HHMA. The classes are phenomenal and so are the Senseis! Martial Arts has helped our child: he has really changed as far as his self-respect and self-control. You really get your moneys worth at Harris Holt it is an awesome experience every one can benefit from. They’re the best in the martial arts field.”Paula A.

“We like Black Belt Club events. Helpful and engaged staff members. Our daughter loves attending class every week. She has tried several other sports but Harris Holt has helped her find something that she really enjoys doing. Harris Holt has helped instill confidence, focus and discipline. Our over all experience at HHMA has been amazing. Our daughter first started attending class at her Pre-school, The Settlement then transitioned into practicing at the dojo shortly after her 5th birthday. Once she experienced the dojo’s positive environment and the staff’s eagerness to help her, she quickly advanced in her skills and abilities. Our son currently attends class at The Settlement and plans to join the Little Ninja’s class soon. Our family loves being a part of the HHMA family and we look forward to many more years with them. Thank you for all that you do for our children.”Amy R.

“The instruction gives the children more than enough time to develop the skills needed to advance as a student and as a person. Martial Arts has helped my child with self-discipline and responsibility, have improved their ability to focus both at the dojo and at her school. HHMA has helped reinforce lessons taught at home and has had nothing but a positive effect on our daughters life.”Peter A.

“What I like most about HHMA is they all do a great job teaching. Martial Arts has helped my child by teaching them how to protect themselves and self-control. I would tell everyone to come here. They are the best.”James W.

“I love the classes for the children because they encompass hard work, martial arts technique, and fun all together! My child has flourished at HHMA. She thrives on the structure and clearly set goals that she understands. My daughter is always excited to get to HHMA. She loves coming to class. The instructors are knowledgeable and have been able to incorporate fun games into learning karate. All of my questions have been well received and answered completely. I couldn’t be happier with the facility.”Christie S.

“Knowledgeable instructors, up front about cost, many class times throughout the week. Martial Arts has helped by my child is more attentive & well behaved at home & school. He’s maintaining his grades and has more self-confidence. We tried several different sports before coming to the dojo. My son was having a hard time with self-control and being consistent with his school work. Since starting at HHMA he is doing much better with behavior and has straight A’s. He loves karate and is excelling.”Ashley W.

“Instructors are good with the kids. I like the Class time options. Martial Arts has helped my child with listening skills, discipline, confidence & study skills. I feel like the children’s karate classes at HH are very well organized and offer quality instruction. Our son’s attendance has improved his self-discipline and listening skills as well as enhanced his physical health and confidence.”Jennifer V.

“Instructors are excellent and professional. Love the discipline my son learns and that he learns that he can not always win. Love the follow-up/follow-through instructors have. Martial Arts has helped my child with focus, agility, manners & listening. HHMA has helped my son & I settle in and find a routine when we found ourselves in a new place with my husband deployed. Alex learns new things every class to include everything above. I have attended the fitness classes and love the balance between learning a new skill & getting a great workout.”Kimberly S.

“We like flexible times & days for children’s classes. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Martial arts has helped children by it has given them an interest in something worth learning. Our boys loved it from the first time they walked into the dojo. They look forward to class each week!”Derek & Michelle C.

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