Our Grappling Programs

The Harris-Holt Martial Arts Ju-Jitsu program is an eclectic style of various grappling arts.
It is a battle tested style suited for street defense or the competition arenas.

The Kami Bushi Do Ju-Jitsu is a combination of Judo, Japanese and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Sambo, Shooto, and Freestyle and Catch Wrestling. We train in both the Gi and without. We utilize the hard takedowns of Judo and Wrestling, the chokes and joint locks of Ju-Jitsu and Catch Wrestling, and the leg locks of Sambo and Shooto, to form a highly effective system to battle any form of attack or competition that may be in our way!

Our Ju-Jitsu system also puts strong emphasis on physical fitness. Not only do we enjoy the idea of being in better shape than our opponents on the street, but we also want to be in shape for the strenuous challenge of competition. Any student that dedicates themselves to the training of Kami Bushi Do Ju-Jitsu will definitely find a great mix of hard training and great technique!

We Offer Classes For All Ages, Including Child & Youth, Teen, and Adult Grappling Judo/Jiu Jitsu Classes


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