Kami Bushi Do . Kami Bushi Do translates as “Divine Warrior Way”.  Kami Bushi Do is an integrated martial art that utilizes techniques and methods from several different styles including:

Karate – means empty hand and comes from the Japanese island of Okinawa. The techniques taught in karate include blocking, striking, kicking, and punching.

Shotokan Karate – Shotokan Karate was created by Gichin Funakoshi in 1936 and is a traditional hard style martial art that includes kata or fighting patterns and sparring. Kata allows a student to practice karate techniques without a partner. While sparring, or kumite, encourages a better understanding of distance and timing when using these techniques.

Kempo – Kempo emphasizes more circular moves, such as the hook, or the uppercut as main attack methods, while normal Karate usually focuses on linear attacks and blocks, or straight moves. Kempo has more grappling moves, and throws than Karate.

Okinawan Kobudo –is the study of Okinawan weapons such as the bo (staff), sai, kama, tonfa, nunchaku, eaku (boat oar), tekko, and nun-te bo.

Aikido is a defensive Japanese martial art. It is non-aggressive art that redirects an aggressor’s force. The attacker’s own motions and momentum are used to upset their balance and stability. Once they are off-balance they are subdued or dispensed with by using any of a large variety of joint locks, pins or throws.

Judo or “yielding way” is a Japanese martial art; its modern form was founded by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882. This style uses grappling techniques based on the notion that softness overcomes hardness.  Judo turns an opponent’s strength against them by taking advantage of aggressive force by giving way rather than resisting it.

Jujitsu – An art of weaponless self-defense developed in Japan that uses, throws, holds, and blows and derives added power from the attacker’s own weight and strength.