The martial arts birthday parties are typically 90 minutes long. During this time, our instructors will take all the children through a class and some martial arts games. We supply drinks, plates, napkins, and tables. Each child will receive a goody bag at the very end and 1 month of free classes.

Call us at 931-542-1151 and we can schedule you for a FREE no obligation introductory lesson.

All of programs will range from $79 per month and up depending on the program you choose. Call us today to schedule a free no obligation introductory lesson to get started!

No, we offer a variety of different courses that vary in length and price. There is a significant discount however if you do sign up for a year program.

All of our students have the ability to cancel their course if he/she moves more than 25 or more miles away.

Typically you can start taking classes at 4 years old.

We offer classes according to rank and age. However, depending on the course you are enrolled in, YOU can pick and choose the classes that work best for your schedule as long as they are within your rank and age.

On average, it is 3 years. This will fluctuate depending on your attendance, improvement, and attitude. Some students could achieve a black in less than 3 years, however many students take at least 3 years.

We start everyone off with an introductory course, during this course we will evaluate you and decide what rank you will transfer too. Typically, if you have had prior martial arts experience you will not begin as a white belt.

Yes, we offer private lessons. Generally if a student needs one or two lessons they are no charge. However, if a student feels they want additional help our instructors are willing to offer further training. Our private lessons will vary in price depending on the instructor.

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to visit the dojo and observe a class in action.

Depending on the type of performance you require we offer a demonstration 30 minute program, a smaller 10 or 15 minute self-defense program, or we can do an hour program as a performance based class. For more information contact, the school through email or phone 931-542-1151

When we are closed for inclement weather, we will post it on our webpage, Facebook page, send an email out and post it to News Channel 5. We are closed for Christmas, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year Eve & Day