Kids Martial Arts Classes

Little Ninjas (ages 4-5)

Our Little Ninjas class focuses on the basics of karate while keeping the emphasis on fun. This class is only thirty minutes long as opposed to a regular class time of fifty minutes.

Child Beginner (ages 6-8)- White- Yellow/Black Belt

This class is for slightly older students and combines a more complex physical workout while still teaching the basic techniques used in karate. This class is the regular time of fifty minutes.

Child Intermediate/Advanced (ages 6-8)- Blue Belt- Black Belt

The Child Intermediate/Advanced class is for children who have complete the basic techniques taught in the Beginners class and are ready for the more advanced karate techniques while keeping the lessons fun and exciting.

Youth Beginner (ages 9-12) – White Belt – Yellow/Black Belt

This class teaches basic techniques and is more complex than the Child Beginner class.

Youth Intermediate (ages 9-12) – Yellow Belt/Black – Green Belt

The Youth Intermediate class teaches more intermediate techniques, combinations, as well as more self-defense & sparring.

Pre-school Karate Programs

Harris Holt Martial Arts offers Karate programs at local pre-schools. These classes focus on fun while combining physical fitness, basics of karate, games, and much more! Contact us today to ask about starting a course at your pre-school!

HomeSchool Karate Programs

Complement your child’s homeschooling with the benefits of Martial Arts training. Physical fitness, Balance & Coordination, Confidence, Respect, Improved listening skills, Self Discipline and Self-Esteem are just some of the benefits that your child Will learn at Harris Holt Martial Arts. Students build social skills and make new friendships in this safe and fun learning environment along with meeting physical fitness requirements. Homeschool students have the flexibility to meet other Homeschooled students in our special Homeschool early afternoon classes or to join in our evening classes with other HHMA students.
We are the only karate school in Clarksville that offers an exclusive homeschool class. This class is offered on Tuesdays, intermediate class is from 1-1:50 and beginner class is from 2:00-2:50. This class is for ages 5 and up.

Child & Youth Grappling Judo/Jiu Jitsu

The Harris-Holt Martial Arts Ju-Jitsu program is an eclectic style of various grappling arts. It is a battle tested style suited for street defense or the competition arenas. The Kami Bushi Do Ju-Jitsu is a combination of Judo, Japanese and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Sambo, Shooto, and Freestyle and Catch Wrestling. We train in, both, the Gi and without. We utilize the hard takedowns of Judo and Wrestling, the chokes and joint locks of Ju-Jitsu and Catch Wrestling, and the leg locks of Sambo and Shooto, to form a highly effective system to battle any form of attack or competition that may be in our way! Our Ju-Jitsu system also puts strong emphasis on physical fitness. Not only do we enjoy the idea of being in better shape than our opponents on the street, but we also want to be in shape for the strenuous challenge of competition. Any student that dedicates themselves to the training of Kami Bushi Do Ju-Jitsu will definitely find a great mix of hard training and great technique!

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Teen / Adult Martial Arts Classes

Teen Mix (ages 13-16) – All Ranks

Our Teen Mix class offers a chance for teens of all ranks to learn in an environment that is keyed to keep their interests and still teach self-discipline, self-respect and self-defense.

Adult Mix (ages 17-Up) – All ranks

The Adult Mix class is a faster paced class that offers the opportunity for Adults of all ages to participate in learning Martial Arts.

Teen/Adult Self Defense

Our Self Defense are 100% geared towards just that, self-defense. There is no emphasis on earning a higher rank or preparing for a competition, but rather preparing for any and every dangerous situation a person could encounter. Participants will develop an effective set of techniques and tactics that will leave them confident and prepared to defend themselves and others.

It’s about letting go of your excuses, your limits, and everything that holds you back—and challenging yourself to Dig Deep. Get ready to unleash your inner athlete and reach your personal best—because progress starts outside your comfort zone. And your classmates are right there with you to help get you through it.

Now anyone can train like an athlete.

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The Boxing class consists of boxing techniques along with a physical workout, different hand techniques and a lot of fun! No experience is required.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing

The Muay Thai/Kickboxing class consists of martial arts hand & kicking techniques with a physical workout. This class is a lot of fun & is for men & women. No experience is required.

MMA & Combat Sports (Ages 13 – Up required)

Harris Holt Combat Sports is a fight team that delivers! Our hard work reflects in the cage, and our athletes perform well as a result of a proper training camp. Being a part of Harris Holt Combat Sports ensures more than just a place to train and a good performance on fight night. We provide one on one training sessions, a huge amount of team support, and advice on dieting and weight cutting. Our fight team members know they have a big family at the gym that is always there to help them improve and stay on the mats with them as long as needed. If you are a part of Harris Holt Combat Sports you will never have to worry about cutting weight alone, getting to the fight show and weigh-ins on time, or having good corner men, all that is taken care of. In order to produce successful fighters and a strong fight team a perfect storm of knowledge, encouragement, and motivation is needed, and we think you will find that storm exists within Harris Holt Combat Sports.

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Elite Classes

Black Belt Elite

Our Black Belt Elite program is for students who have met a certain level of discipline, focus, have a black belt attitude and are ready to take their training to the next level. These classes are exclusively for Black Belt Elite members. Some of the benefits include: – 3 classes per week, Exclusive black belt elite uniform, Monthly Life Skills & Lessons, Higher level of training: Advanced self-defense, Increased Focus and Discipline Drills Weapons Training: Kama, Nunchaku, Escrima Stick, and Bo Staff and Board Breaking.

Master’s Elite

Masters Elite program is our highest-level training program. This program is reserved for the most advanced students at the school who have shown commitment and perseverance. These students are hand selected to participate in the Masters Elite classes. Some of the benefits include: Exclusive Masters Elite Uniform, Unlimited Classes per week, Kickboxing/MMA class, Advanced Weapons Training:  Kama, Bo Staff, Double Nunchaku/Escrima, Advanced Board Breaking, Eligibility for the Demo Team, Kick, Tricks, & Flips class, Monthly Life Skills and Lessons and Special Events Discounts.

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