Over 300 students participated in Second Southeastern Clash of Champions

By Robert Smith
CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — It is not all about winning, but learning, showing respect, sportsmanship and having fun all at the same time. That is what over 300 martial arts students were doing Saturday at Kenwood High School during the second Southeastern Clash of Champions tournament.

Fourteen-year-old Rayven Baker has competed in several tournaments, but this was her first competing as a black belt. She finished second in the weapons form event.
“I didn’t win first, but I came in second,” said Baker. “You learn more at one tournament than you do in a lifetime of karate.
“There is so much that I learned here today, that is how I have improved.”

The Clash, hosted by Harris Holt Martial Arts, features sparring, weapons, forms and grappling. Participants came from all over Tennessee, Indiana, Alabama and as far away as Texas to compete in different divisions and age groups.
“We want to show what martial arts can do for you in more than a sports aspect,” said Blake, owner of Harris Holt Martial Arts. “It is all about sportsmanship, showing respect and having fun at the same.”

And having fun was what 2-year-old Arielle Mimms was doing. Although not old enough to compete yet, she was showing support for her brother, Isaiah, by wearing his head gear and gloves while watching the competitions. Isaiah was successful in winning first in grappling in his age group.